Friday, April 16, 2010

What have I been doing...?

Well at the beginning of this blog I swore I would write about anything I wanted to write about, not just knitting and crocheting. Still somehow it turned into a blog only about knitting and crocheting.

Well, I haven't been doing a whole lot of either lately.

It happens, that fallow time that all creative people reach every now and then when inspiration and motivation waver and there just doesn't seem to be the energy and spark there to start something new.

Or finish up something old.
I have a hat that I need to finish. A Christmas gift (yes, from last Christmas) that I need to finish and send on it's way. All I have to do is sew up the seam.
Meh. Just don't feel like it it.
Not today.

I have various other projects that I've been mulling over starting...
Not yet.

Lately, I've just been being. As much as I can. I've been cutting my hair and painting my nails and playing with my son and taking little mini-vacations to see family and friends.

Just being.

It's kind of nice.

Pretty weeds

I wanted to pick these but didn't

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