Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is what I made out of those mystery squares!


It's called Inga's Haekelbeutel which my German sister-in-law tells me means "bag" or was it "crocheted bag?" Well, anyway, that's what the pattern is called. It's free and super easy if you want to make one of your own. It's basically a bunch of squares sewn together in a clever way. The pattern calls for 16 squares, but I only did 12 because I didn't want the bag to be so huge and because I didn't feel like making anymore squares. I also used a square pattern from this book instead of the one on the pattern because I wanted something a little different. You can use any darn kind of square you want as long as they're all the same size.

I gifted this bag to my mom for Mother's Day, but eventually I plan to make one for myself that's lined with fabric as soon as I learn to use and stop being afraid of my sewing machine.


I used mercerized cotton scrap yarn for this bag, but I think it would be really cool in linen or hemp also. I still have SO MUCH of this yarn left!


Lonestarcasie said...

oooooh. me likey. You were being so surprisey that I thought it might be a new baby blanket for YOU!!!

Yarny Days said...

Oooh. One of my fav kind of bags. I love it!

renee said...

Thank you, ladies! Casie- Haha! NO, no, I can assure you that if that were a baby blanket for me the title of that post would have been something a lot more alarming like "Oh Crap... Not again..." Still not ready for #2. Thinking maybe I'm a one child woman.