Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Salon Effects by Sally Hansen... so far, pretty cool.

Okay, so remember waaaaaay back when, I mentioned something in this post about trying the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips? Well, I finally did it!

Summer feet!

These are the #340 Girl Flower Strips and I thought they would be perfect for a summer pedicure.  Yeah, I decided to try them on my toes instead of my hands because, well, a wildflower manicure just seemed like a bit much for me right now.

I did do one accent nail on my hands with the flowers:

Not sure how I feel about that look.  I think I might have liked it better if I'd chosen a better color for the rest of the nails.  Maybe a sky blue, or a fun summery pink?  This shimmery iridescent silver is just not doin' it for me really.  (In case anyone is wondering that color is called Silver Lining and the polish is also Sally Hansen- Complete Salon Manicure.)

Also, not sure how I feel about the whole accent-nail-of-a-different-color thing.
I might be too old for these sorts of shenanigans.

Here's a close-up of the Salon Effects:

I'm still not sure if these things are going to hold up or not.  I haven't yet showered so, I'm a little skeptical of how they're going to look once that happens.  I've read some reviews and most people say they wear like iron, but a few people said they chipped off after a day or two.  We'll see!

They were, by the way, pretty easy to apply, so if they do wear well, that would make them pretty f'n awesome.  


Apples and Pears said...

Fantastic Renee! That is so, so pretty! I really want to try this xxx

Lonestarcasie said...

I hate painting my nails. I find that with children and dogs, wet nails do not so much work. This sounds like a great idea. And I could do it on the kids maybe. They would LOVE IT!

renee said...

Casie- They are holding up really, really well! I think they would be great for kids, you might have to do a little trimming for their little nails, but the whole process is pretty easy. 2 things: Make sure you wipe each nail with nail polish remover before applying and make sure you use the little stick to very gently smooth down strips after you apply. I was kind of lazy about doing both of these things on a couple of nails and there was a little lifting.

Lonestarcasie said...

check out my blog...I are trying it out!

Heather & Justin said...

I love these! they turned out amazing!!! So so so cute!!! Makes me want to try it!

-Heather from

Casey said...

those are awesome!! I didn't realize they had patterns! Now I have to try to find them in the stores, I love the pattern you are wearing