Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Creative Ennui...

Well, I'm in a bit of slump.  A creativity slump, brought on, I think, by mild exhaustion.  The husband was gone for 3 weeks on business and it's always just a little too crazy around here for crafting when it's just me and Mr. Boy.  Husband is back now, but I'm still in a slump.

In the past 3 weeks this is all I've managed to finish: 

mini granny pillow front & back

I bought these little pillows years ago from IKEA with the intention of making all kinds of cute little cushion covers to throw around different areas of the house.  Yeah, never happened.
So I have this one done (the picture shows front and back) and I'm not even all that thrilled with it.  It's ok.  It's meh.

So my question is:  Does anyone have any tips or tricks for getting over a creativity slump?  Do you just wait it out or do you force yourself to craft until something excites you again.  Maybe brains just sometimes need a break from being all excited and crazy inspired for awhile so they create the Creative Ennui.

Oh well.
I'll leave you with this picture of a cute little magnet I saw at a store the other day.

good advice


Marjo said...

Just wait and see what's coming up...creative will come back...sure !!!!

I will follow you...

Greetins from Belgium

Gillian said...

Oh I think your cushion is super cute Renee :)

being tired always seems to drain my creativity, so rest is always a good way to get it back....that and a cup of tea, a new craft magazine and some new yarn ;)

hope you are soon feeling rested and feeling creative again x

ps...funny magnet, made me LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I think your cushion's really pretty :)

gillyflower said...

Personally I wait it out - I have a break, do something else then after a while start dipping into fav books or creative blogs to get the ideas flowing - if i look at the right books i rarely put them down without my mind in a whirl of possibilities!
I love the little blue cushion you've made - its simple and cute!And if you made that whilst tired and busy, then well done!

Heldasland said...

Try something different, enjoy the break, dont feel guilty at doing nothing .Your creative juices will come back.

Kristen said...

When I get the ennui, I find that browsing the blogs will jump start me in a hurry. You all inspire me! :)

Kar said...

Creative slump huh... I usually take a break from it all for a day or so and then I need to get my hands all over things again.

How funny you are from Houston. I grew up just outside of it. Small world. Thanks for the comments on the blanket. :)

renee said...

Thank you, everyone for the compliments and words of encouragement! I'm so loving hearing from you all!!

Yarny Days said...

Granny Square! I love it--always dreamed of making something like this. I love your version.