Sunday, January 23, 2011

Granny Square Reveal!

I can finally reveal the project I've been hinting at for the last few posts!

Grannyblanket2011 012

Tada! It's my first full sized granny square blanket ever! Isn't that crazy that I've been crocheting for so long and never made a granny square blanket?! That's like Crochet 101!
(Well, I made a baby blanket for a friend a few years ago, but I don't have any pictures of that one, and it was probably pretty funky looking because I don't think I had figured out how to join them very well, yet.  So like most crafters, I just pretend that the stuff that I did that sucked doesn't exist. If I can get away with it.)

Okay so, stats:
Yarn:  This was a true stash busting project using various acrylic yarns that I had in my stash.  Some that I have no idea at all where they came from or why I bought them.  (And yes I still have A TON more stash yarn left.)  The yarns that I know of are Lion Brand Wool Ease, Caron Simply Soft, and Red Heart Supersaver. The main color that all the squares were edged with is Caron One Pound.  I have previously pledged once before never EVER to buy Red Heart Supersaver again, so let me just renew that little vow here and now.  HATE it.  And unfortunately, I still have quite a bit more left in my stash.  Why did I buy it in the first place?

Grannyblanket2011 015

When I was making the ripple in the picture above I bought some Red Heart because, well, it was so cheap and the colors are so pretty, and even though I knew Red Heart is like the Vienna Sausages of yarn, I just figured that it wouldn't be all that bad.  Heh.  Well, it is. It's that bad.  It feels like cheap carpet, it wants to "catch" on the hook while you're working with it, it actually squeaks it's so plastic.  The only good thing about it is that it softens up and actually feels pretty nice after just one trip through the washer and dryer.  Also it will last forever.  I mean it does not die.  This blanket could be found somewhere, completely intact in an empty field after a nuclear blast had removed all life from the earth. But I digress...

Size:  Throw sized about 59" by 39".  I wanted it to be something that could be put comfortably on the couch  and not overpower everything, but be big enough to curl up under.  It ended up being perfect because I used up almost every single bit of the Caron One Pound.

Joining method:  Crocheted together on the back side using slip stitch.  Sorry, but didn't take any pics of the back side before sending it off to it's owner.

Blocking method:  Just washed it on gentle in cold water and dried it on medium.  I've found that is the best way to block acrylic. Below are some pics before blocking. 

Grannyblanket2011 002

Grannyblanket2011 003

Grannyblanket2011 005

Ian loved this blanket.  I had a hard time keeping him out of the pictures.  
Grannyblanket2011 009Grannyblanket2011 022Grannyblanket2011 018

I see many, many grannies in my future.  But more on that next post.


Cara Garcia said...

Ooh, is this my blanket?? Last night I was marveling at al the different stitches and how they miraculously latch on to one another (well, I know that your hands work miracles--I could never do something like this!) You are a granny blanket goddess. I especially like that Ian was so attached to this blanket! xoxo

Apples and Pears said...

Wow Renee! You have been a busy lady! Gorgeous granny and the colours are really lovely. Your bed looks so cosy and comfy with both of your lovely blankets on it. Great work! Your comments about its indestructability made me laugh out loud! Hugs to the gorgeous little fella xx

PS Have you posted a pic of it on i-crochet? said...

That is just gorgeous. I know how to crochet but have never been patient enough to get all the way through making one.

I will live vicariously through your beautiful work!!!


Diplo_Daddy said...

Those are beautiful blankets! My late grandmother also enjoyed doing this.

renee said...

@Cara- You wouldn't believe how easy it actually is to do, thus the magic of the g-square. It's more time consuming than anything else. If you ever want to learn I will teach you, but I warn you I kind of suck at teaching. I taught myself using pamphlets from Micheal's. That's how easy it is.
@Andrea- What is i-crochet? I must be missing out!
@Confabulicious- Thank you for the compliments!
@Diplo_Daddy- I often wonder what our grannies called granny squares. Deep thoughts.

Apples and Pears said...

Hi Renee...i-crochet is a blog where people leave pics of their is visited by thousands and really gets your work noticed. I think it changes about every couple of weeks so then you add another photo. It is also fantastic for seeing what other people have made and for finding wonderful new blogs. Here is the link:

Andrea xx

Wendy said...

What a beautiful blanket!! Love it!! Oh, and I'm with you on the Red Heart yarn. Hate the way it feels but I love the colors. Have you ever tried the Hobby Lobby "I love this yarn"? Very soft and very pretty colors.

PaisleyJade said...

Oh I love it!!! Well done.

Guess what? I've made a few crochet blankets but never a granny square one too! You have inspired me.

Gillian said...

Love it :)
such happy colours!

Casey said...

Very pretty blanket!

Every time I finish something and need to take pictures, I have a hard time keeping my little ones out of the pictures too! So, now I make time to take a couple pictures of them on whatever it is I've finished, as long as I do that, they usually leave me alone to get a few pics.

renee said...

@Wendy- I haven't tried Hobby Lobby "I love this yarn" yet, but I will once I've used up all this stash acrylic I've accumulated. I actually can't wait. I've heard lots of good things about it. That and Vanna's choice too, beautiful colors!
@Casey- I kept hoping if I took a few with him he would lose interest, but he never did. He just loved that blanket!!