Friday, January 28, 2011

♥♥♥Things I'm Loving ♥♥♥

I can't get enough of this tea lately:

The description on the box says:
"1001 Nights is a mystical blend of pure, high mountain-grown tea from Ceylon caressed with the cut blossoms of roses, orange blossoms, and sunflowers, then bathed in the sweet liquor of red, ripe, strawberries for a drink that delivers otherworldly delights."
It is awesome and if I wasn't afraid of insomnia I would probably drink it all day long.

Valentines Day is coming, so lately I've been obsessed with Heart Shaped Crafty Things.  (I don't know why I just capitalized the first letters of that phrase.)

Heart shapes

The funny thing is, I actually hate Valentine's Day, too many middle school memories of being a lonely dork and watching all the cool chics get the loot.  But paradoxically, I actually ♥LOVE♥ heart shaped things.  I don't know why.  I think it's a shame that they only get to come out and play during Valentine's time.
BTW- Notice the anatomical crocheted heart?  LOVE IT! (To see the original Flickr links and see original artists for each photo, you'll have to click on the mosaic to take you to my flickr page. I did not make those hearts, they're just some of my favorites. But I may try and crochet a few sometime soon.)

Things I'm loving...

It's dark chocolate, need I say more? Loooooove....♥♥♥

This blog has been occupying a great deal of my time ever since Andrea introduced me to it.  It's iCrochet and it's nothing but pictures of crochet projects submitted by other bloggers so that we can all converge and stalk each other's blogs and drool over each others projects.  I love it and I could seriously spend hours on there!
Thank you, Andrea for the heads up!

I've been obsessed with crochet lately.  I do knit also, and I love to knit, but crochet was my 1st love and I find I always go back to it when I'm just wanting to really enjoy what I'm doing and be creative and not have to worry about whether I'm doing everything correctly.  It's also great for destashing which I've been really working on lately.  I had a sort of a... ahem....yarn problem there for awhile. (heehee ☺)
In particular, I've been loving the shawls.  Here's a quick peek at what I've been working on:


Now head on over to Paisley Jade and share what you're lovin' lately!



PaisleyJade said...

Wow - loving your list! I'm obsessed with icrochet, dark chocolate - and man those hearts are amazing!

Catching the Magic said...

So much love & crafty goodness :) Visiting from PaisleyJade

Apples and Pears said...

Hi Renee! Wow your hearts are amazing...and that anatomical one! Woop...incredible! That is why I am so pleased you checked out icrochet because your work really does deserve to be shared. I hope you uploaded something on to it. Love A xx

renee said...

Hey everyone! Those hearts weren't made by me. Oh how I wish I were that skilled. They are hearts I found while browsing through flickr. Just wanted to make sure and clarify. To see the original artists, go to the flickr page to find the link under the picture.

Widge said...

mmmmm dark choc is the best.
Loving that anatomical heart, funny :)

Gillian said...

ooooh that tea sounds delicious!
That anatomical heart is brilliant isn't it!!!

I'm so addicted to iCrochet as well, never cease to be amazed at what people are crocheting! :)

Diplo_Daddy said...

Just think of all the different things you can do with that "1" extra light!