Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspiration pics

Lately I like to stalk people on Flickr and see what they're up to. Here's some of my favorites.  Apparently 2011 is going to be all about color for me.  (Big surprise, huh?) 
Do you see Ian hidden in there? He is always an inspiration.   

Favorites 1-06-11

1. Forever Blanket, 2. Stripe Bag, 3. Two Toned Granny Square 002, 4. , 5. crochet hand crocheted violet colorful shawl, 6. Blue ribbon blanket, 7. Finn's blanket, 8. Untitled, 9. False Start Cardigan

So far I'm liking 2011!


Lonestarcasie said...

So far in 2011, I want my house to be clean. And I am obsessed with Dottie Angel. I have a link to her on my blog. I kind of want to be her. She even has chickens for pete's sake. If only my husband would let me have a tiny farm animal for my backyard, I know I could be happy.

Apples and Pears said...

Hello from Yorkshire Renee! I just saw your link on Little Tin Bird's Flickr group and thought I would visit. So glad I did! Looking forward to visiting again. By the way, your banner pic is fabulous....both the baby and the blanket! x

Heather said...

Colour is good! What plans do you have for making things this year? Blankets, clothes?

Your baby looks like a cutie by the way :-)

xxx Heather/Littletinbird

renee said...

Andrea- Thank you for all your lovely comments and for becoming my newest follower! YAY! It made me so happy to see all the comments in my inbox! I never know what is the best way to answer comment questions so I will put them in my next blog post.

Heather- Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm actually planning on making a lot of blankets this year and maybe scarves. I seriously need to destash and blankets and scarves seem the best way to do that. Then I may try to sell them on etsy. Maybe...

Apples and Pears said...

Hi Renee...about the orange pomander. So easy to make and yes they do smell absolutely gorgeous....orangey and spicy. I use a skewer but you could use a toothpick. Then make the holes, random or in a pattern. This makes it easier to put the whole cloves in without breaking them. Older kids can help with this! If you intend to keep them for any length of time it is a good idea to sprinkle orris root powder over the finished orange in order to preserve it and stop it going mouldy. I have seen beautiful ones wrapped with red ribbon and with cinnamon sticks attached. Have a go!