Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just a hint of what's coming and some questions answered.

A sore wrist from crocheting non-stop is keeping me from completely finishing the project I'm working on.  I can't wait to finish it and finally get the pics up.  Here's a hint...

Close up G-square

But it's going to be a few more days until I can show you the FO.  Are you excited?

Andrea- To answer your questions:  The crocheted socks are maybe a bit thicker than knitted ones, but I wouldn't say they are quite as thick as hiking socks, though they could definitely be used for that, depending on the type of yarn and hook you use.  But I wear them with everyday shoes all the time with no problems.  They are fabulous and wonderful and I hope you make a pair because everyone should experience the fabulous wonder of crocheted socks.

Yes, I did finish that ripple blanket!  In fact it's one of my favorite FO's ever and I can't imagine why I only posted that one tiny picture of it.  I must have been thinking that I would post more later then totally forgot about it.  Here's some pics of Ian with the blanket when he was still a baby:
Ian and the Ripple

Favorite blankie

Cozy Ripple

This blanket has actually become his favorite blanket ever.  (And by favorite I mean that if he sees me put it in the washing machine or dryer he cries and reaches out for it like his heart is breaking.) I actually made it before I had even conceived him, just because I wanted to try a ripple blanket and I had a bizarre amount of stashed mercerized cotton yarn. My plan was to make it and just have it around waiting for the next time I needed a baby shower gift, but once I finished it, I loved it so much I ended up keeping it.  Then I got pregnant myself not long after. 

Every time I see Ian grab it and hug it to himself or find him in the morning with it wrapped around his middle, (soaking up the pee from the leaking diaper) I feel such a rush of pride that he picked *my* blanket out of the truly unbelievable selection of blankets he has available to him to be his Favorite Blankie.  

(I actually made him 2 blankets.  The other one is knitted and it's pretty cool, but he doesn't care about it at all.)  

Ian's blanket close-up

Glad you like the banner! I really loved it at first, but no one ever seemed all that impressed with it, so I was actually just the morning before seeing your comment thinking of changing it to be a collage of all my favorite FOs. (Kind of like your banner? heehee) But since you like it so much, maybe I'll keep it a little bit longer.  ;-)  


Apples and Pears said...

Hi Renee...first of all, you have the most beautiful son! What a cutie!!! Your ripple blanket is gorgeous, so colourful. I just love ripples. I really like the look of the knitted one too...would like to see a bigger pic of that. NO! Don't change the banner - it is gorgeous! I would really like to make the socks, when I get around to finishing the knitted ones on the needle at the moment! xx

renee said...

Thank you for the compliments! I love those pics of Ian. I can't find anymore pics of the knitted blanket, but I will see if they're hidden on my computer somewhere.

Valerie said...

love your ripples !!!
I find they look really impressive , in general, but have never managed to keep a ripple resolution because the only time I started some I gave up because to me it was too boring crocheting the same stitch !!
... and baby Ian is a cutie :)

renee said...

Thank you! Yeah, ripples can be kind of boring. I promised a ripple blanket to a friend and now I find myself not quite wanting to take on the ripple monotony right now. I find I have to be in a certain "ripple mood." Maybe you should try a ripple scarf?

Lonestarcasie said...

What is an FO?

Yarny Days said...

What a beautiful blanket! Great colors! And of course, great baby!

renee said...

FO= Finished Object
UFO= UnFinished Object